Idea for lower battery consumption in portable media players

Let this be considered prior art in case anyone tries to patent it (unless someone’s already patented it, or it’s in process, which would be unfortunate):

So I was thinking today about iPods (my friend got one recently, and I was listening to it), and about the problem of battery life and how battery capacity has increased approximately linearly while the power and speed of portable electronics has increased around exponentially, meaning battery life has gone down, and I came up with an idea.

Hard drive based players have to spin to read data, whereas flash based ones don’t, meaning (as far as I know) hard drive players get worse battery life, but they have larger capacities, which people like. So my idea here is to put both hard drive storage and flash-based storage into a device, and let the most popular data be stored on the flash so it takes less power to access it.

This really isn’t my forte, so I may have terminology errors, etc., or the entire idea might be completely stupid, but it might work, and in case it does I don’t want someone else patenting it.

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