More computer experiences, or Why I haven’t checked my email in over a week

I’m mostly offline right now; my computer doesn’t currently have a GUI, and that makes it hard to run most of the programs I use, so the only time I can get online is at school or the library. Lynx is nice for downloading programs you need, but it gets pretty annoying trying to actually browse the web with it. As for email, I much prefer Thunderbird over the webmail interfaces I can use.

The reason for this is pretty simple: Gnome and kdm (the login manager) both broke at the same time, and I wanted to try building my own system (as opposed to using a distro) anyway as a learining experience, so it was the perfect time. Then spent a while figuring things out, decided I’d have to use a minimal install of some distro because it was just a little too much work otherwise, and spent quite a while compiling X partway through seven times because I didn’t read the list of things it depends on. After that (after it hit something I was having trouble figuring out, namely that something was in a directory it didn’t expect), I was talking to my dad and he suggested Slackware and told me about it, and I thought I’d like it. So now I’m waiting for some Slackware CDs (I’m not sure my CD burner works, or how to use it if it does, so he’s going to burn them for me), and then it’ll probably be a few days until I’m back online for real.

So if you’ve sent me any mail or anything, sorry. I’ll get to it. I also notice there’s another last call for comments from WHATWG, and I’ve probably missed a bunch of stuff there.

I should have posted this sooner…

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