Window manager preferences

I want to have my window manger customized in the following way:

  • Moving the mouse does not shift focus
  • Clicking in a window does shift focus (and passes the click through to the window—obvious but important), but does not bring the new window to the front
  • Double-clicking in a window or clicking on its title brings a window to the front (and focuses it)

Less importantly,

  • If I open a window, it should come in front of other windows unless I’ve done something in those other windows since then—i.e., if I open firefox and then start IMing someone before firefox shows, I don’t want my IM window to suddenly be covered.

Can anyone help me get those?

I’m currently running Gnome 2.8.1-r4, Metacity (that’s the default window manager that comes with gnome, right?), and 6.8.0-r4, but (obviously) since it’s my own computer and I’m root, I can do pretty much anything I need.

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