Synced lyrics in music files

I really wish someone would get around to inventing a way to have the lyrics scroll by in XMMS or whatever media player they want. It shouldn’t be too hard, just define a (whatever the OGG equivelant of a PNG chunk is) and specify a way to stick a timestamp on each word. Then the application takes that and has the lyrics scroll by, hopefully smoothly rather than jumping word by word. It could be specified in a few minutes by someone who knew what they were doing (though obviously it should be left open for people to comment), and, though I admit my ignorance, I wouldn’t expect it to take long to implement.

So: people who know what they’re doing, get off your butts and do this.

Edit: Or perhaps… I know OGG can sync audio and video, so could it sync audio and plain text? Once again, I leave that to people who know what they’re doing.

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