Things Creationists Hate

This is quite an interesting thought:

And speaking of lack of humility, M. J. Chapman contributes the following:

Evolution is a lie, correct? It’s an idea spawned by Satan to damn our souls. Okay, let’s think about that. Satan gets the souls of sinners, correct? If he wants souls, he has to make humans sin. What are the seven sins? There’s greed, lust, sloth, envy, gluttony, pride… and I can never remember the last one [ed: it’s anger], but that’s okay because the important one here is pride. The Bible goes to great lengths to say that terrible things lie in store for the proud in the great hereafter.

So which is an idea that contributes more to human pride: that we were specially created in the image of God to be the masters of all other creatures upon the Earth? Or that we are one species out of countless billions that has arisen according to simple and probably inevitable rules of chemistry and selection?

The whole page is pretty good: Things Creationists Hate

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