Hey, Cool, Rosegarden Works Now

For the past while I’ve been trying to get Rosegarden to work. For Christmas I got a really nice midi controller (ie, a keyboard, but it doesn’t actually make sounds itself, you hook it up to your computer and it tells the computer what sounds to make*), and I looked around for a sequencer to go with it and heard good things about Rosegarden.

Only problem was that I couldn’t actually build it on my computer. I’m not much of a fan of KDE, so I’d told Gentoo not to build KDE support into things, but Rosegarden uses KDE libraries. That wouldn’t have been a problem, as I could pick and choose the libraries I needed, except the ebuild file that controlls the compiling and installation was broken and it checked to see whether I actually had KDE, not just the libraries I needed. (I think. It might have been checking something else, though.)

A newer version, of both Rosegarden and the ebuild file, had come out, but it was still in the testing branch of Portage (Gentoo’s package manager), and so I couldn’t see it. From reading Gentoo Bugzilla I knew that it was out there somewhere, but I couldn’t find it, and from reading the Gentoo Forums I found some old advice on getting the old version working, which I tried, failed at, and thought that with my efforts I’d probably broken something.

Today I decided to have another go at it, and this time I found some information on getting programs from the testing branch. It worked like a charm, and Rosegarden is now compiling.

* You need a good sound card for this, which I also got for Christmas. Thanks Mom and Dad!

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