Oh, so THAT’S why I’m not getting any comments…

It appears comments are broken here. I tried posting one, and the preview just kept telling me to fill in my name and email, even though they were. That would explain, then, why I haven’t gotten any comments for a month and a half. I just wish someone had told me about it.

That wouldn’t explain, though, how someone did post a comment, which my going to reply to was the reason I found out about all this. Hmm….

Edit: it seems to have fixed itself. Yay.

Edit 2: Or perhaps not. <br> doesn’t work. Maybe some other things don’t?

2 Responses to “Oh, so THAT’S why I’m not getting any comments…”

  1. Dante says:

    Cool! I saved the day…sort of

  2. dolphinling says:

    Hmm… another person posted one… test?