Extension request

I’d like an extension that can uncompress various types of compressed files (zip, gz, tgz, etc.) and let me view the contents (assuming they’re viewable) in the browser. I ran into this today when I wanted to look at a wallpaper that someone had (stupidly) put in a zip file, butI’ve also realized it would be useful in bugzilla, for when people attach a log zipped.

I’d like it to work so it looks to me like the zip file is a folder, and it just showes me the file listing, from where I can choose what file to view. It would be nice if it could interpret relative uris inside itself, so, for example, webpage.zip/webpage.html could include webpage.zip/webpage.css transparently to me. Also, and quite importantly, it should have a big, easy-to-click button to let me save it if that’s what I really wanted, and it should not have to re-download it.

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