Mozilla, Virii, Slashdot

Argh, Slashdot got hold of the virus in the Korean contributed builds of Mozilla and Thunderbird. I was on IRC at the time they were discussing this, and I remember my first thought being “I hope slashdot doesn’t hear about this.”. And they didn’t even note the fact that those were contributed builds, not official ones, nor that ClamAV has now been installed, nor that the list of people with upload rights was already in the process of being reduced, to prevent just this kind of thing in the future.

*Sigh.* Time to go clarify the situation there…

Update: Slashdot seems to have gotten it into its collective head that the infected files weren’t hosted on at all. This is, of course, wrong, but if they’re thinking that, then I’m far too lazy to correct them.

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