Back to the 1.8 branch, part 2?

I’m considering switching back to the 1.8 branch again. There’s a giant memory leak on trunk that it seems only I can see (yes, I’ve tried safe mode) that I’m having trouble narrowing down. Cairo is still incredibly slow on Linux. The tab scrolling thing that just landed is incredibly stupid, in my at least partly-qualified opinion, and interrupts my workflow a lot.

And to add to all that, ever since going to a music festival for 4 days and not using a computer at all, I’ve stopped really wanting to spend so much time on it in the first place, and I just want it to do what I want.

So yeah, I might switch back, to take some of the hassle away. That would also mean I’d file fewer bug reports…

3 Responses to “Back to the 1.8 branch, part 2?”

  1. Martijn Says:

    Maybe the memory leak you are seeing is (and dependant bug)?

  2. dolphinling Says:

    Perhaps if I used gmail it might be. ;)

    Actually, my current thinking is that there are three (or more): one that’s an extension problem (linky, perhaps?) that’s the bulk of what I’m seeing, one that I’ve filed as Bug 342802 that was messing up my testing (because I’d see a huge leak early on, and think “Oh, that must correspond to my giant leak in normal usage!”), and a few more small ones that make it so I can’t just open the browser for a few moments, check and see if anything leaked, I have to actually leave it open for a long time and use it to see if the leak was big.

    So yeah. I don’t feel like spending a few hours testing each extension, so maybe when I feel more motivated I’ll look into it again, or maybe it’ll just fix itself if someone else sees it.

  3. Martijn Says:

    Well, the bug I mentioned is blocking/related to which isn’t about GMail at all.
    That bug describes memory issues for Seamonkey and Thunderbird.
    Maybe you’re seeing the same regression range for the memory issues you’re having? That might be worth investigating.

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