One week of college

I’m now at college. I’m at Vermont Technical College, in Randolph Center, Vermont. So far it’s gone pretty well, with some complaints but not many.

My courses are Java 1, Calculus 2, English, History of IT, ECT Orientation, and Computer Networking. Java is all right; I’d rather be taking C, but I’ll get to that next semester; most of it so far is familiar, but that’s 4 classes’ worth and I expect there to be new stuff later on. Calc 2 I’m retaking, as I haven’t taken any organized math in three years; it should be, and has been, very easy. English is not actually English, it’s Pseudo-Philosophy From the Context of Literature, like nearly all “English” classes are; it bores me to tears, but so far I’ve actually done all the work. History of IT is very fun; having spent my life around computers I know > 1/2 of it anyway (so far closer to 90%, actually), but the teacher is very good and it’s nice to rehear some of it. ECT Orientation is a once-a-week, one hour thing, which is boring, stupid, useless, and required; there is no work, no tests, you merely have to show up and listen to people talk at you for an hour; perhaps I’ll bring textbooks and do some reading then. Computer Networking looks to be fun, like Java and History of IT; I’ve known everything in it so far, but I expect it to get new soon too.

The people and food both average to mediocre, but have enough high enough above that average that I’m okay, the rooms are all right. The internet connection is faster but more restrictive than I’m used to (no bittorrent, even for legal things, and although I’m used to external ping being blocked, now I can’t even ping computers on the network). Other than that, everything’s about normal

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