What distro to install on my laptop?

I recently got a new* laptop that I’d like to put linux on. I already run a gentoo box that I’ve had no problems with, but I’d like to try something different so I can get more experience. Current thoughts include some random other stock distro, some random other stock distro that runs KDE or XFCE, something running SELinux, or trying out OLPC’s Sugar interface (though that would probably be impossible).

Does anyone have any recommendations, from that list or otherwise? Keep in mind this is entirely to be used as a learning experience, so I can put as much work as I need into it. The only criteria is that it should be something I’ll find useful in the future.

* Not new, but new-to-me. Exactly how not new? It has a sticker on it that says “Designed for Windows 95″.

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