Wikipedia is supposed to make it EASIER to slack off, right?

So I have a paper to research on coding theory (error correcting codes and the like) and I’ve been reading wikipedia pages for a few hours. I go to get a mint and decide it’s time to take a short break while I play around with the circular mints, trying to pack as many into one layer of the container as possible. As I read the wikipedia page on sphere packing, I come across

Sphere packing on the corners of a hypercube (with the spheres defined by Hamming distance) corresponds to designing error-correcting codes: if the spheres have radius d, then their centers are codewords of a d-error-correcting code. Lattice packings correspond to linear codes. There are other, subtler relationships between Euclidean sphere packing and error-correcting codes; thus, the binary Golay code is closely related to the 24-dimensional Leech lattice.

Grr. Stupid wikipedia, I was trying to slack off. >:o

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