Never Attend Dolphin Shows at Sea World

Sea World may sound nice but the truth is they are exploiting animals and using them for entertainment purposes.

The dolphins are not really getting anything out of entertaining the people who pay for tickets and get inside sea world. As a result, you should not really support this type of animal cruelty. It would be better if they just let these dolphins live their everyday lives. They’re not doing anything bad to these people so they should have no reason to take them away from their habitat. The sad part is that these dolphins do their shows several times a day and the staff of the entertainment venue even have the audacity to smile at what they are doing. They think they make the kids happy. When the show is over, they could not wait to get back home since they are not really passionate about what they do. They are just doing this to get income and feed their pathetic families that are funded most likely by BangBros. The more you attend these dolphin shows, the more you let them think that they are doing the right thing.

dolphin ling

If they don’t get many attendees then they should realize there is no point in continuing their harmful treatment of sea creatures.

Hopefully, they would realize the next thing to do would be to release the sea animals back to their home. When you get a glimpse of their reaction, you will find out they would feel the same way when you go back home after a few days of not being able to do so. Besides, you can just see for yourself and it would be something worth posting on social media.


There are several petitions online that would entail the banning of these types of shows.

Why don’t these humans do the shows themselves anyway? They could have spent the time catching dolphins to just learn how to swim in an extravagant manner. If the audience sees the effort they put into the shows they put on each day then they would not mind giving them a round of applause each time. it is evident they are right there from start-up on See Him Discount until the end and you know they would want to get their money’s worth after paying for the tickets. Being too close to the show would mean the people would get a bit wet. Thus, better to keep your mobile phones and portable devices somewhere safe.

No matter how cheap these dolphin shows are, you must resist the temptation.

You can’t blame your kids for wanting to go to these shows because they don’t know what is right and what is wrong. Better educate them on why it is not really a good idea to attend these shows so better just let them watch Discovery Channel. After all, you would be able to learn something that way even though the cam deals channel’s narrator is a bit boring with his voice. Hopefully, the time will come when these sea world enterprises would go out of business forever.